Why Summertime Is The Best Time To Buy A House in Chicago

Traditionally, spring has been touted as the best time to buy a house. Summer, however, edges out spring as the best house-buying season in several important respects. And in certain locations where summer temperatures reach the miserable level (for example, Phoenix), summer is the slow season for real estate and is absolutely the best time … Continued

How to Make Your New Chicago House Feel Like Home

After buying a new house and getting all the stuff moved in, the next task for most of us is making that new Chicago house feel like home. There is, after all, a huge difference between a living space equipped with all the necessities and plenty of amenities and an inviting place that reflects your … Continued

7 Tips To Help You Secure A Loan in Chicago

You’re ready to buy a house, you know you’ll need a large loan for that. If you’re like most of us, you’re just a little nervous about it – we all fear rejection of any kind. There are, however, several things you can do to increase your chances of getting the financing you’ll need. So … Continued

Top 10 Chicago Home Buyer Questions Answered

Buying a new home can be very exciting. But it can also be more than a little intimidating owing to many steps and variables involved. To help you understand and be more comfortable with the process, here are the top 10 Chicago home buyer questions answered. 1. What credit score do I need? Of all … Continued

Things People Overlook When Buying a House in Chicago

Buying a house is an exciting journey filled with visions of your future. But a 45-day escrow packs a lot in and you might overlook a few things if you aren’t paying attention or have a great realtor who has your back. Don’t get buyers remorse. Here are the things that most people overlook when … Continued

Advice For First Time Buyers in Chicago

For first time buyers, buying a home can be both very exciting and pretty frightening. For many people, it’s the realization of a dream., but because it’s their first time, it can also be stressful and frightening – it’s a new and intimidating experience. Knowing a few things beforehand, though, will increase the excitement and … Continued

The Process of Buying A Home in Chicago Explained

Buying a home can seem fairly intimidating if you’ve never done it before, but it doesn’t have to be all that difficult. Yes, there are some complex financial issues involved and some even more confusing legal matters. Still, the process of buying a home in Chicago can be quite manageable if you understand the process … Continued
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