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PIP Realty Group is Chicago’s leading residential real estate service provider; specializing in house listings, rentals, investments, and property management. We are real estate problem solvers with full brokerage capabilities. Our expertise in residential real estate includes: single-family, 2-Flats, 3-Flats, 4-Flats and mid-market residential buildings. 

Explore our full scope of real estate services below:

Seller Services

Our expert listing agents are ready to help you in the sale of your home. We offer a comprehensive listing service, direct sale and customized sale options. 

How can we help in the sale of your home?

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Buyer Services

Our expert listing agents are ready to help you in the sale of your home. We offer a comprehensive listing service, direct sale and customized sale options. 

How can we help in the purchase of your home?

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Rental Services

Our in-house leasing team are experts in helping you navigate the rental market. We also offer an exclusive rental inventory that we professionally manage. 

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Investment Property Acquisition & Sale Services

Our investment team is here to provide expert guidance when pursuing an investment acquisition or disposition in Chicago. We also offer an exclusive inventory of professionally managed residential assets ranging from single-family to two, three & 4-Unit Multifamily properties.

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Property Management Services

Our in-house property management team are experts at maintaining and positioning your investment property to maximize performance. Our property management service is 24/7, full-service and scalable to meet any portfolio demands. 

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Investment Property Case Studies

Single-Family Asset Ownership & Performance – Chicago-land MSA

Chicago single-family homes continue to be a top producing asset while remaining accessible to investors at relatively low prices. This makes it attractive to new investors as an ideal first step and to institutional investors in larger quantities, as a portfolio. This case study takes a look at a singled out single-family deal that PIP Realty Group brokered in early 2020.

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Small Multifamily Asset Ownership & Performance – Chicago-land MSA

Chicago 2 to 4 Unit Multi-family assets continue to produce high-yields while remaining accessible to investors through conventional financing. This makes it attractive for beginner and seasoned investors as an ideal way to build unit count and grow revenue. This case study takes a look at a singled out 2-flat deal that PIP Realty Group brokered in early 2019.

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Large Multifamily Asset Ownership & Performance – Chicago-land MSA

Chicago 5+ Unit Multi-family assets remain a top-producing income asset while maintaining low-volatility. This makes it attractive to seasoned and institutional investors as an ideal method to grow unit counts and maintain cash-flow. This case study takes a look at a singled out 8-unit Multi-family deal that PIP Realty Group brokered in early 2020. 

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How important is it to work with a trusted real estate professional when purchasing or selling real estate?

Sellers who sold their homes without working with a real estate agent sold for an average of $200,000 in 2019, compared to $240,000 for sellers working with an agent. On average, 89% of buyers and sellers reported working with a real estate advisor in 2019.

Source: 2019 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

See What People Say About Us

My husband and I are out of state owners and had a rental property in Alsip, IL. When it came time to sell, COVID-19 hit and me and my husband were under city mandate to shelter in place so we had no way to physically go to the property and get it ready for the market. We didn’t know anybody in the area we could rely on to help us with the sale, so we reached out to multiple Realtors in the area. Having gone through multiple interviews, we’re so thankful to have met Derek and Jon and their wonderful team who managed everything from securing the house, to renovation and to the sale of the house. We relied on their expertise and followed their suggestions on how we can maximize our profit. Even with the market condition during the beginning of COVID, we weren’t expecting much profit from the sale, however, to our surprise, we got multiple offers with the house only being on the market for LESS than a week and it sold OVER asking! We would’ve been thrilled with the results in a regular market, but was even more thrilled we got these results during a time of uncertainty. We can’t thank Derek and his team enough to help us with this sale and made it really seamless while we were thousands of miles away, we really couldn’t have done it without them. They always communicated very well with us and gave us the best advice, we’re so happy with the results and glad this house became a family’s forever home. We highly trust their team and would recommend them to anyone looking to sell in the area. Thank you so much again for your hard work to get us the results we wanted.

My sister and I own several properties in 3 different states. Over the years we have dealt with numerous different property managers and I believe we do not suffer from “too high expectations” syndrome. Our experience with PIP has been one of the best we have encountered. Like everyone, I wish sometimes they would keep us better informed about our properties when there are changes (i.e. tenant in arrears actions) but the critical thing is, do they respond promptly, accurately and thoroughly to any of your questions. PIP do this exceptionally well and have gone out of their way to help us. They are not the type of PM who are always finding repairs to be done and money is paid promptly to our account. Tenant’s are staying for long periods and not destroying the houses! As with most property management systems, it can be difficult to interpret reports for bookkeeping purposes but they are always patient with me and “fix” my confusion. One of our properties lost income due to government paperwork not being filed promptly by PIP. PIP not only fixed the problem but they paid me my lost income from their error. Now that is integrity! I highly recommend them!

Pip management is a good company to work with ; from my experience as an agent. The company as a whole works together diligently to approves apps In a timely matter. My experience with the property manager has been nothing but professional and always precise regarding customer relations. To add my clients with housing vouchers have been appreciative with the overall inspection process as she tries to get the units to pass in a timely matter a number of times the 1st round. The units are usually modernized and clean. I have not encountered any bad experiences working with this company.

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