How Changing Interest Rates Change Which Homes You Can Afford in Chicago

Interest rates are changing – that is, they are rising – and that’s going to affect what homebuyers can afford. With the current low inventory and rising home prices, it’s just another blow for buyers. Interest rates are steadily rising, slowly at first and now at an increasing rate, from the historic lows they hit … Continued

What to Expect After the End of the Foreclosure Forbearance Program in Chicago

The federal CARES Act provided mortgage-payment relief for millions of American home owners experiencing pandemic-induced financial hardship. It was truly a lifeline for these many homeowners who wouldn’t have been able to keep up with mortgage payments. But the one-year end date for many of the forbearance plans is fast approaching – and it will … Continued

4 Things You Didn’t Know Your Chicago Real Estate Agent Could Do

Buying or selling a home is usually done with the services of a real estate agent because it can be a complicated process and transaction involving many legal implications. Agents provide multiple services ranging from listing homes to hosting open houses to negotiating the best deal. But agents can – and very often do – … Continued

5 Ways Investing in Chicago Real Estate Will Impact Your Future

Many long-term benefits come of the business of investing in real estate. The significant advantage is that you can build your own real estate investment business with a relatively small amount to start. If you’d like to understand more about how your actions as an investor today make a huge difference for all of your … Continued

Our Guide to Chicago Real Estate Contracts

In just about any real estate transaction, the number and complexity of contracts make it more than a little confusing. Nevertheless, contracts play a big role in real estate, especially when it comes to real estate investing. So whether you’re a buyer, a seller, or a full-blown investor, you need to have an understanding of … Continued

How To Make A Long Distance Move To or From Chicago

Even just a move across town can be stressful and overwhelming, even traumatic, and it only gets worse when you have to move a long distance. While moving to a new home can be exciting because it means starting a new chapter in your life, there’s not much most of us dread more than the … Continued

4 Things To Ask Your Lender In Chicago!

Most people, when shopping for a mortgage, usually think only (or at least mostly) about the amount they’ll have to pay each month in mortgage payments. That’s important, of course, but that’s certainly not all there is to it. There are several other considerations that are at least as important. In that vein, here are … Continued

Evaluating Your Moving Costs in Chicago

When it comes time to move, most of us have to budget carefully. But we can’t work up any kind of budget till we get a handle on the moving costs. There are, of course, a ton of smaller items involved in a move that will add to the cost, things such as boxes, tape, … Continued

Best Tax Deductions For Homeowners In Chicago

Tired of Uncle Sam reaching so deep into your pocket every year? Well, you have a lot of company. And if you’re a homeowner, you’re in luck because there are some significant deductions you can take at tax time. That way, you can keep a little more of your hard-earned money. Here are our picks … Continued

How To Decide Which Offer To Accept in Chicago

Getting multiple offers on your home is a good position to be in. It suggests the market favors sellers and your home has attractive qualities to different types of buyers. But is the offer for the most money the best offer? Not always. Here are some suggestions on how to decide which offer to accept … Continued